Meet the top performing ad creative of 2020

Note: Verizon Media heter nu Yahoo.

There are more ways than ever to tell your brand’s story creatively. With our in-house creative team, Ad Creative Tech (ACT), we know which ones work best.

Why is your ad creative so important? Because now is the time to make deeper connections with your audience. With 83% of consumers wanting brands to create experiences that help people stay emotionally close, having the right formats and features in your campaigns puts you at an advantage when it comes to innovation and performance. Research by Verizon Media backs this up, with interactive ad formats shown to engage even hard-to-convince audiences, drawing them in by curiosity.

Our ACT team has taken a look at all the campaigns they produced in 2020 across all Verizon Media publishers and platforms, and uncovered our top performing creatives across display, native, and video. Here are the formats and features that kept users engaged in 2020:

The big winner: Tiles with Carousel

Mauritius creative

The Mobile Tiles format was the top performer across both CTR and Engagement benchmarks. When it came to features, users showed a preference for creative they could interact with, with Carousel and Gamification battling for the top spot in both metrics.

Capturing attention - and keeping it.

Renault creative

When appearing on premium content and news sites, Billboard ads led the way in average interaction time, or the number of seconds users spend actively engaging with the creative. In fact, users spend nearly four minutes on average interacting with billboards, with Carousel and Video features also inspiring heavy engagement.

Unique markets, unique top performers

Different sizes, formats, and ad styles captured attention across EMEA. But one ad in particular reigned supreme…

Our top performing piece of Global Ad Creative

Explore Greece creative

This Tiles with Carousel ad for Greek National Tourism Organisation scored the highest Interactive Interaction Rate globally from 2019-2020, with 17% CTR (click to landing page from native post-tap tiles experience) and 87% IIR. This ad let beautiful imagery tell the story, and allowed the user to swipe vertically and horizontally to learn more with a simple CTA.

Looking back at the past year of creative is certainly insightful, and our ACT team is already thinking about the formats and features that will take your campaigns to the next level in 2021. We support your creative vision through strategic planning, design, and implementation, and are eagerly standing by to be your trusted resource for getting your message out into the world in ways that will make the biggest impact.

Check out the Verizon Media Ad Showcase to explore our full creative capabilities with real-world examples of content experiences from recent projects. Contact us for more insights and to get started building your campaigns with Ad Creative Tech.

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