Powering growth with identity

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Yahoo has been one of the best monetization partners we’ve had, and the longest lasting. We’ve been working and building innovative solutions together for nearly a decade.

Eric Hochberger, Mediavine Co-Founder and CEO

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A partnership rooted in content

With its roots steeped in content creation, Mediavine has firsthand experience with what it takes to deliver online success for all types of publishers. Our near 10-year partnership has helped Mediavine raise revenue and offer publishers an even better experience for their audiences. Expanding on our strong partnership, Mediavine sought new tools to grow their business.


Powering growth with identity

Mediavine leveraged Yahoo ConnectID, our cookieless identity solution, to enhance publisher revenue through Grow, a tool that helps publishers create first-party data and authenticated traffic. Mediavine used Yahoo ConnectID, to offer its advertisers targetable addressable inventory for the cookieless world. Mediavine is also leveraging the power of contextual and real-time device data signals through Yahoo Next-Gen Solutions, enabling them to monetize unknown users better. It’s a win-win for Mediavine and its customers.


An end-to-end success

Mediavine measures a partnership’s success by its ability to raise publisher revenues and improve the experience for its users. For example, if a publisher can earn more money per ad, the number of ads required decreases. With those metrics in mind, Mediavine’s partnership with Yahoo has been a true success. When a user is logged into Grow, Mediavine sees over a 200% increase in effective Cost Per Mille (eCPM) through Yahoo ConnectID.

Source: Mediavine internal data, 2022

When a user is logged into Grow, we see a 200% increase in revenue thanks to Yahoo ConnectID.

Eric Hochberger, Mediavine Co-Founder and CEO


Yahoo ConnectID

Enables Mediavine to provide advertisers with targetable premium inventory for the cookieless world.

Yahoo Next-Gen

Leverages the power of contextual and real-time device data signals to better monetize unknown users.

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