Personalize your experience to reach the savvy holiday shopper

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

Reach the savvy holiday shopper

In the age of experience, brands must be helpful, captivating, and provide instant value along all phases of the path to purchase to be successful. 

Native ads are built around experiences people know and love. We work hand and hand with the content side to develop the best ads that offer customer value, and integrate brands into our 60 billion native impressions served every month across all devices.

Our engaging native formats eliminate steps to conversion, allow for better product exploration, and leverage the right data to personalize the experience to each user’s unique shopping history. 

With this year’s fast-approaching Cyber Monday expected to smash shopping records - $10 billion in a day, anyone? - now is the time to get your native campaign live in time for the holiday ecommerce rush. 

Verizon Media native ads help you better reach the smart and savvy holiday consumer via:

Search retargeting - Capture 330 million global monthly searchers looking for holiday deals, or ones that have searches specifically for your brand.

Purchase receipt retargeting - Verizon Media saw over 46 million purchase receipts across Walmart, Target and Amazon in 2019. Reach shoppers interested in the expedited shipping offered by these retail giants.

Native ecommerce creative - Use DPA and our native solutions to not only target your consumers but engage with them to shop right on the spot. Take a look here for inspiration!

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