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Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

Ads work best when they integrate into an existing experience. In fact, 84% of people believe that experiences are just as important as a brand’s products or services. These experiences should be relevant to the person, to their intention, and the content that surrounds the ad. And the higher quality the content around the ad, the better the ad performs. We offer:


Contextual excellence through our O&O premium & trusted content

Verizon Media is home to media, technology and communication brands that nearly 800 million people across the globe love and trust. Our native ad formats integrate into premium and trusted content destinations, including Yahoo, TechCrunch, AOL and more. See all our O&O brands here.

Premium partnerships with brands like Apple, Microsoft and Xbox

It’s not just our O&O platforms that allow us to reach the masses. We’ve diversified our footprint to be able to deliver at scale across relevant content regardless of what you’re looking for. Our user-first marketplace is now home to premium publishers such as Samsung, CBS, MSN and most recently, Apple News.

Quality and expansive app and mobile inventory

Verizon Media Native is home to premium O&O apps like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Sports, and extended with trusted app inventory from our partners like Apple News. In fact, 87% of our inventory is mobile. Our native marketplace was built as a mobile-first platform so it seamlessly integrates into the mobile screen.

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