Verizon Media’s new Inventory Storefront now in the DSP

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

Programmatic advertising can efficiently place your brand in front of your desired audiences, but sometimes at the cost of brand safety or transparency.  At Verizon Media, we understand the challenge of finding quality advertising inventory that’s the right fit for your brand. That’s why we’re unveiling our new Inventory Storefront to offer unique, premium opportunities programmatically to advertisers through the Verizon Media DSP.

The Inventory Storefront feature enables greater transparency and control over where your ads are running by connecting you with the best  supply available from premium publishers in the Verizon Media DSP. Advertisers can find exclusive opportunities like sponsorships, homepage takeovers, and special packages for Verizon Media’s owned-and-operated (O&O) brands as well as other premium partners.



Ease and Control

Our Inventory Storefront makes it easy to take control of  your advertising choices and their impact. With this tool, you can browse relevant, curated and exclusive opportunities offered by publishers integrated with Verizon Media’s programmatic platform, including O&O brands and partners — from Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Finance to TechCrunch and Xbox. With one click, you can  propose a deal or request help accessing the inventory from Verizon Media’s account teams. 

Safety First

In a 2018 poll, 99% of advertisers said that brand safety was a concern,1 and many digital media professionals believe those concerns will only grow this year.2 At the same time, audiences are paying closer attention to the sources they use for information.3 Today, more than ever, it matters where brands appear.

Programmatic advertising promised to find the right audiences at the best price for advertisers. But with the success of this technology have come new challenges, as advertisers find that not all impressions are equal. Some impressions create associations that don’t benefit the brand’s image. Others risk exposing brands to lack of cost transparency and even fraud. 

A Good Impression

With this, and other features like our new omnichannel insights tool, the Verizon Media DSP can provide advertisers the best resources for finding and investing in top-tier inventory from the internet’s best publishers.

We know content built for brand safety is paramount for our advertisers, and as one of the world’s largest publishers, we offer professionally produced, premium content through our O&O properties that lets you make the best impression with your brands. It’s no coincidence that 91% of our users associate “trust” with our properties.4 The Inventory Storefront joins existing features in the Verizon Media DSP toolkit to deliver the unparalleled scale, data, and creativity that brands require in today’s programmatic advertising environment.


Log into the DSP to check out this new feature, or reach out to your account representative with any questions. 


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2. Integral Ad Science survey (Ipsos, Trust in the Media, 2019)
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4.  Sources: 1) Verizon Media, Halo Study, Nov 2) Verizon Media, Trust and Content, 2019


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