NBCUniversal and Yahoo: Partnership helps marketers connect to their audience on Peacock’s streaming video hub

Since the early days of the CTV revolution, we’ve learned that linear cable and a mix of paid, free and ad-supported streaming models play distinct and complementary roles in the TV ecosystem. 

With the proliferation of viewing and streaming service options, flexibility in both pricing and programming is becoming increasingly important to consumers. In fact, 83% of viewers say they’re willing to try an ad-supported version of services to save money.  Secondary to cost-savings, consumers are hungry for quality, diverse programming content.* 

List of what is driving free AVOD

With the above in mind and building on our continued momentum in CTV/OTT, Yahoo is partnering with content king and emerging AVOD leader Peacock, NBCUniversal's premium streaming service. With our roots at Yahoo in serving consumers, we’re especially excited to partner with a premium streaming service that puts users first.

This partnership gives the Yahoo DSP advertisers direct access to Peacock inventory on a programmatic guaranteed (PG) basis, helping streamline the buying process for scatter and upfront buys (negotiated with Peacock).  

Audience and content benefits of this partnership include:

  • Extending the reach of premium CTV buys by tapping into Peacock’s unique and engaged audience (69% of Peacock’s audience incremental to other NBCU digital video; 90% of Peacock viewing is on-demand content). 
  • Guaranteed access to Peacock's complete library of premium content including NBC Sports, NBC and Sky News, NBCU Next-Day Prime, the Universal Pictures film library, Peacock Originals, and more. 
  • Flexible targeting available by location, age/gender, Peacock in-house-segments, or contextually including pre-defined, dynamic and seasonal packages.

As a  launch partner in Peacock’s first foray into programmatic, the Yahoo DSP has already delivered PG campaigns for leading telecom, auto and finance clients, successfully matching premium brands with Peacock’s library of premium content.

The Yahoo DSP worked with Peacock and a major telecom brand to reach highly engaged users on Peacock’s timeless on-demand content. For this advertiser, a resounding 92% of viewers reached on Peacock were not reached on linear TV, showcasing the value of Peacock’s digital-first audience. Using Yahoo’s Unified TV Report, the client was also able to understand how Peacock fit within its overall TV strategy, from incremental reach to cost per incremental household. 

Yahoo is committed to investing in strategic, innovative collaborations across the TV landscape. In addition to premium AVOD supply partners such as Peacock, our unified ATV tech stack is built on partnerships including: unique data sources like VIZIO Inscape, MVPDs like Fios and DISH, measurement partners like VideoAmp, Comscore and iSpot, and agencies like Omnicom to establish industry-wide CTV standards. 

To learn more about our premium CTV partnerships and how Yahoo can help grow your business, let’s connect

* Publicis Media and Verizon Media, “Capitalizing on the CTV Opportunity," April 2021. 


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