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Campaign Spotlight: Wounded Warriors - Sharing real stories for the veteran community and beyond

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In a world that feels more divided than ever, we find comfort in inspiring stories that remind us of what connects us. At Verizon Media, we help brands turn attention-grabbing personal anecdotes into authentic stories that form deeper connections. In this series, we spotlight new campaigns as examples of what trusted content, data, and performance can do for your brand. 

Wounded Warriors - Campaign Spotlight

The “Invisible Wounds of War” series tells the intimate stories of three different heroic veterans and their journey in adjusting to life after service, and how Wounded Warrior Project was instrumental in the working through their mental health struggles. 

Why marketers love it:  Reach passionate communities and make a lasting impression through immersive content that tells the most important stories.

The story of service is incredibly powerful. Less told is the equally affecting story about what it means to reintegrate back into civilian life for thousands of combat heroes. The “Invisible Wounds of War” series is an intimate look into the journey of three veterans as they adjust to life after service, and how Wounded Warrior Project was instrumental in helping them work through their mental health struggles.  

This is a unique opportunity for heroes to tell their stories of struggle and triumph while illuminating how Wounded Warrior Project programs are incredibly useful, ultimately increasing awareness and opening the door for other veterans to seek help and support from WWP.

Check out the campaign.

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