Yahoo Hong Kong expands its footprint in the metaverse with NFTs for pet lovers

Global tech leader and media company Yahoo has long been committed to add spark to our daily lives with innovation and technology. Today’s real world is often melded with the virtual. As such, Yahoo Hong Kong is actively widening its footprint in the metaverse to continue bringing exceptional experiences for its users.

On July 21, Yahoo Hong Kong’s BetterMe Magazine (BetterMe Magazine) will debut its first NFT project, dubbed City Frenchie. Local illustrator has made 100 Frenchie-themed NFTs, each espousing a core brand pillar such as environmentalism, mental and physical wellbeing, culture, travel and uniqueness. Every City Frenchie has its one-and-only personality and hobby: users can find the NFT that best represents them to express their love for their furry buddies in the metaverse.

Matthew Chan, Head of Sales, Yahoo Hong Kong & China says, “With aims to offer seamless, one-of-a-kind experiences to our users, Yahoo Hong Kong has been actively embarking on new opportunities as technology reshapes the world, our lives and the way we connect with not only others but with information. Growing our footprint in the metaverse and NFTs are priorities for Yahoo Hong Kong. We hope to bring even more entertaining and fruitful experiences whilst promoting Hong Kong art via a partnership with local illustrator in BetterMe Magazine’s City Frenchie project.”

BetterMe Magazine’s City Frenchie project

Profits support senile and disabled animals at Society for Abandoned Animals Limited

For every City Frenchie NFT purchased, BetterMe Magazine will donate parts of its profits to the Society for Abandoned Animals Limited (SAA) to support the hefty expenses of forgotten, senile, disabled or ill animals. SAA promises to find them a forever family or be their home until they pass with the mantra of “no killing, no abandoning”. Owners of City Frenchie NFTs can lend a helping hand to these animals and have a chance to visit the pets at SAA!

1,105 City Frenchie NFTs will be available at the presale on Artzioneer at 10am on August 1, starting at HK$800 (payable by Mastercard or Visa). Official debut will take place at 10am on August 8. Interested buyers are welcomed to register as a Discord member  on City Frenchie, follow the @City.Frenchie Instagram and become an Artzioneer member for a chance to join the whitelist, Airdrop, custom make your own Frenchie plus a myriad of presale activities!

BetterMe Magazine NFT Project:  City Frenchie Details

BetterMe Magazine’s City Frenchie project timeline

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