Expanded Spotify Partnership is Music to Programmatic Advertisers’ Ears

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.


Here’s a stat that should be music to advertisers’ ears: 60% of consumers are engaging with more streaming audio entertainment than ever before. To fill the live entertainment void created by stay-at-home measures, listeners are turning to music and podcasts - which means they’re turning to audio streaming services like Spotify.

With nearly 300 million listeners worldwide, Spotify is a leader in the digital audio space. Verizon Media is expanding its partnership with Spotify to give advertisers access to programmatic audio through programmatic guaranteed deals (PGD), increasing global access and flexibility in booking top audio inventory.

Verizon Media DSP clients can now lock in guaranteed impressions for Spotify audio through the Verizon Media DSP’s streamlined PGD workflow. Advertisers will now be able to review and accept Spotify PG deals within the DSP UI. The automated PGD workflow allows for one-click review and deal acceptance with automated campaign creation. Clients can simply accept their PG audio deal(s) and attach creative, quickly and efficiently launching the campaign in a self-service manner.

“With programmatic guaranteed, advertisers get the benefits of programmatic buying on Spotify with the confidence of guaranteed delivery and a fixed rate,” said Greta Lawn, Head of Automation Sales, Spotify. “We are excited to expand our programmatic relationship with Verizon Media to make it even easier for their world-class advertisers to more seamlessly access our audience and premium inventory.”

Spotify is the first globally-scaled programmatic audio partner available on Verizon Media’s DSP, and opens the door for more functionality and premium placements. For advertisers seeking connections with millennial and Gen Z audiences, programmatic audio through Spotify is an ideal way to reach these groups on mobile, even as their listening habits change. By expanding our partnership with Spotify, Verizon Media adds even more trusted content environments to its inventory portfolio.

Programmatic audio makes an impact, matching brands with personal content chosen by consumers, thereby inspiring greater engagement from your audience. Verizon Media DSP now offers advertisers full PGD integration with Spotify across audio, video and display, giving advertisers greater control and the ability to personalize campaign creative and targeting.

While programmatic audio is still in its early days as a method of buying, it’s clear that streaming audio is here to stay. Even with recent mass disruption to consumer routine, continued growth is undeniable with more than 9% increase in usage forecasted within the next year (Source: eMarketer, April 2020). Enhance your omnichannel campaigns in a way only audio can, with a partnership that reaches the ears, minds, and hearts of your listening audience.

To learn more about the Spotify PGD, contact your Verizon Media representative.