AR brings next-gen storytelling to life

AR brings next-gen storytelling to life

Long regarded as a pioneer of innovative technology that truly brings traditional storytelling to life, at Yahoo, we continue to spearhead AR-helmed feats one after another that truly leverages on its immersive and accessible anytime-anywhere nature. 

A part of the Yahoo25 Hong Kong Passions Moments campaign launched last fall, for instance, users could “bring” popular local delicacies – such as egg tarts, barbecue pork rice and the Hong Kong Milk Tea – right into their environs thanks to AR. To transform a traditional festival during the pandemic, we have also “brought” the Tai Hang Dancing Dragon to life via AR, whereby users need only scan QR codes at designated shops in the neighbourhood to summon the festive beast from their screens. By exercising our smarphones’ technological panache, these AR applications are testaments to Yahoo Hong Kong’s obsession with local culture in an engaging and interactive manner. 

In the same year, our editorial team launched content on wildlife as well as an AR game to raise awareness for the plight of wild animals like polar bears, black rhinos, Chinese white dolphins and more. Users can zoom in on the screen and position the animal complete with voice overs and background environment sounds for a truly immersive experience. Again, this user-friendly application makes for a convenient way to a traditionally complicated and heavy-set issue. 

Recently, we partnered with American Express Explorer Credit Card to launch the “#Never Stop Exploring (探索當下)”  in BetterMe, a content destination with over 360K social followers. Exclusive interviews and AR activations with celebrities Jace Chan, Aga and Alfred Hui (link to Immersive AR experience) show how The trio illustrates their wanderlust and the ways in which they interpret adventure and how they discover the lesser-known hidden gems in the city.

Sheung Yue River

Alfred Hui, for instance, shared that explorations open a channel to his inner soul, which is often neglected amidst mounting deadlines. What’s more, the shooting location of Sheung Yue River was reimagined via AR. Users can view the location in 3D on their laptops and computers or scan the QR code to activate the AR rendering onto their physical environments so they can get up close and personal with the roads less travelled around Hong Kong. 

For songstress and TV host Jace Chan, meanwhile, exploration is having meaningful conversations with herself. Her interview was shot at Art Lane, an urban renewal site located in Sai Ying Pun. With AR, users can zoom into the neighbourhood’s vibrant graffiti in detail and relive the beauty of lesser-known spots without leaving their home. (link to Immersive AR experience). 

Art Lan

Finally, for singer-songwriter Aga, exploration is about soul- and self-searching through music. Her journey is set in the signature neon-lit streets of Hong Kong, which are, again, turned into an AR experience for viewers to revisit on their phones. Zoom in to see familiar brand names flashing under the metropolitan sky. (link to Immersive AR experience)

neon-lit streets of Hong Kong

Each of the AR experiences and their articles is complemented with a link to credit card application as the ultimate calls-to-action.

Matthew Chan, Head of Sales, Hong Kong and China of Yahoo says, “Consumers are always expecting new innovative content experiences and we keep striving for the best solutions for our clients. With trust and innovation as our core focus, this partnership allows advertisers to be truly connected with consumers through unimaginable ways. The extended narrative amplifies user excitement to the next level.”