The new state of news

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

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Verizon Media news and trust study conducted to uncover changing news consumption patterns since COVID, new habits and attitudes towards news providers and how consumers expect brands to behave.

The pandemic has accelerated media consumption. The impact has been significant in March 2020 with +24% year on year increase in unique users to Verizon Media news properties in the UK1. And audiences continue growth trends in 2000/2021 with +10% year on year increase in unique users to Yahoo news in February 20212.

With the pandemic, people in the UK are consuming more news and online is the second most popular news source. Consumers are looking for trusted sources and traditional journalism is considered the most trustworthy source of news

Consumers expect brands to be present at this time and value brands that align with trusted news, even if it’s heavy.

  • 90% of consumers approve or are indifferent to brands running ‘normal’ advertising campaigns during this time3
  • 71% of consumers say that seeing brands near serious or divisive news has no impact on their feelings towards the brand3

Marketers, it is the time to take a stand and to place your brand in a sought-after trusted news environment. Create meaningful connections with valuable audiences.

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