Amplify 360

Reach a larger, more engaged global audience

Infuse your story in three steps

Research and insights

We help your creative idea reach the right people by finding the topics that drive engagement and conversations. This gives you the data you need to better orchestrate and execute the campaign.

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Our research allows us to identify the best media verticals and conversation starting points for your campaign. Then we’ll create a customized plan to maximize your creative idea.

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The key to any successful global campaign lies in the execution. We can help you navigate potential pitfalls and manage different markets and stakeholders.

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Proven track record

For fifteen years, we have helped clients develop, plan and roll out big attention-grabbing campaigns.

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Solid partnerships

We create conversations around your audience. We collaborate on the creative process, but ultimately, let our partners to take the lead and tell stories which will truly speak to their audience.

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Award-winning work

Together with some of the best agencies out there, we continue to bring world-class ideas to life and shine a light on the issues that need to be discussed to foster change.

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Browse through our latest webinars, case studies and articles to find out more on how Yahoo can help you maximize the impact of your creative idea across the globe.

Masterclass: How to unleash creativity in an uncontrollable online universe

Our latest masterclass with event platform OMR dives into what makes a viral hit, and what’s needed at all levels of an organisation to plan for the chaos that can ensue once an idea is in the digital wild.

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Webinar: How to succeed with social media in China

As China slowly reopens, now is the time to get ahead with social media marketing to increase brand awareness and take advantage of business opportunities in China. This webinar takes you through the social media landscape and shows you how to leverage it in China in this post-pandemic phase.

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Webinar: How consumers are changing across China

We’ll take you on a deep-dive into the Chinese market. See how consumers are changing across China and how to turn it into marketing success. This webinar will share insights and ways brands can re-engage with audiences after the COVID-19 crisis.

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Webinar: How to get your story heard

In this webinar you’ll find out more on how to make sure that your story gets heard and shared through editorial, social and PR. Learn how to build a paid media strategy around research, tendencies, content, and know-how.

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Webinar: If there’s a conversation there’s an audience

In this webinar you will find out more on how to better understand your audience and improve your targeting. Learn how to leverage insights to engage your audience in conversations and create better, organic results by communicating at the right time through the right channels.

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Case Study: Bad Audio is Bad Business

How the ‘Bad Audio is Bad Business’ campaign from newly established EPOS became a globally known campaign and placed the EPOS brand in the center of global media attention within the B2B industry.

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