A unified SSP
with connections that matter

Increase performance and yield
with our streamlined ad stack.

A publisher-built SSP for better results

Whether you’re a blogger, video creator, app developer or omnichannel business, our SSP is packed with publisher expertise to help you earn maximum revenue from your content.

Inventory management

From header bidding to guaranteed campaigns, we support every transaction model.

Consistent demand

Access our thriving ad exchanges and hundreds of top advertisers, including unique demand from our DSP.

Publisher expertise

As publishers ourselves, we design products that scale to benefit the largest brands on the web.

Troubleshoot, optimize, monetize

With our unified reporting solution, publishers can view their performance and manage dashboards across SSP, Video and Syndication, all in one place. Deep dive into your buyer’s behavior, optimize your audiences or identify what paths will offer you the most revenue for your inventory.

3 Keys to Premium Supply

Premium environments are more than 3x more effective in driving favorability, consideration and intent. Learn how to maximize the value of your inventory and build quality connections at scale to improve performance and growth.

Trusted by top-tier publisher brands

From Yahoo O&O, to our premium supply partners, Yahoo SSP is trusted by the world’s leading publishers, broadcasters and media owners. No matter where you are reaching consumers, your premium inventory is more valuable here.

Platform insights to
optimize your performance

Deliver performance in a ID-constrained world

Yahoo Next-Gen Solutions help publishers better monetize ID-less users even in ID-less digital environments.

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Goodbye, Video SSP. Hello, Yahoo SSP!

Our single platform helps you manage supply and optimize revenue, whether you’re a display, in-app, video, or digital out-of-home publisher.

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Start with trust and performance follows

See how you can monetize in a trusted environment.

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