Verizon Media is now Yahoo

Today, Verizon Media becomes Yahoo. 

Yahoo is a global media and advertising company connecting people to their passions. With one of the largest online audiences in the world, Yahoo brings people closer to what they love from finance and commerce, to gaming and news with the trusted products, content and tech that fuel their day. For partners, we provide a full-stack platform to amplify businesses and drive more meaningful connections across advertising, search and media.

While our name changes, our commitment to your business does not. As content owners and creators ourselves, we’re uniquely positioned to understand the needs of partners on both ends of the advertising spectrum.  Our accurate identity and data solutions help advertisers reach the right audiences at the right moment. We bring innovative tech to help publishers better scale and monetize. And we bring it all together with unified solutions and exceptional service that can grow your business 

You’re truly connected with Yahoo.


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阿波羅全球管理公司(紐約證券交易所代碼:APO)(連同其合併子公司,稱為「阿波羅」)今日宣布,已由阿波羅關聯公司所管理的基金(「阿波羅基金」)完成Yahoo收購案,Yahoo前身為全球首屈一指的科技與媒體公司 — Verizon Media。隨著交易結束後,Yahoo將成為阿波羅基金旗下的一間獨立營運公司。Verizon則保留該公司10%股份。

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