P&G: My Hair, My Story

Powerful storytelling that celebrates the cultural significance of Black hair

How we did it

Increased brand awareness

For P&G’s Black hair care brands

Celebrated the history

And the cultural significance of Black hair

Communicated the science

And unique needs of highly textured hair


Finding the right partner

Created by Black scientists, dermatologists and stylists who combined years of research with passion and personal experience, Gold Series from Pantene and Royal Oils by Head & Shoulders are two of P&G’s Hair Care offerings specially made for textured hair. To celebrate and educate consumers, P&G knew they had to go where their audience was — digital media. They looked for a partner who could help tell their story both authentically and at scale. Yahoo not only understood P&G’s narrative of empowerment, but also had the reach to amplify the message at the right levels.


Starting the conversation

In addition to learning something new, P&G wanted their audiences to feel great about their hair. So in their “My Hair, My Story” campaign, P&G sponsored Black hair history content, and spread the story of their products and the Black scientists behind them through a series of articles. They also extended the conversation offline, setting up a space for intimate discussions around Black hair care and politics.


Beautiful results

The campaign was designed to drive reach, so P&G kept an eye on impressions and engagement as Yahoo highlighted their stories on different channels, including social. The number of likes and shares solidified the success of the team in reaching and resonating with their consumers, and spreading the word on better hair care.

The first thing we considered in a partner was credibility, and the legacy to be able to tell the story.

Theresa Thornton, Sr. Media Manager, Multicultural Hair Care, P&G

Instead of being on TV, which is a very cluttered space, we can go through other digital media and establish ourselves for the first time.

Breann Davis, Brand Director of Multicultural Hair Care, P&G


RYOT Studio

Branded content integrations

Yahoo Ad Platform

Driving 10 minutes avg. time spent on page1

1Source: Yahoo internal data

Yahoo’s in-house creative services

Driving 2M page views 1

1Source: Yahoo internal data

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