Premium content syndication

Our #1 brand-safe solution for off-property video distribution helps you connect the dots between content, supply, and demand by delivering ads to the right viewers in the right context. Tap into our premium content library to find relevant videos that can increase engagement and revenue, or create new revenue streams by distributing your own content to unique demand sources.

Premium syndication partners


high quality publishing partners

Source: Yahoo Ad Tech, Internal data, 2018

Engaged audiences


viewability and 60%+ ad completion

Source: Comscore, Jan 2019. Premium = (non-UGC)

Huge content library


videos from 700+ publishers

Source: Yahoo Ad Tech internal data, 2019

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An improved reporting suite

Our new reporting UI improves the create and edit report functionality, enabling you to quickly adjust all necessary data sources, filters, dimensions, and metrics within a single screen.

Premium video library

Drive engagement and earn incremental revenue with access to a content library from over 600 premium content partners, including properties like Yahoo, AOL, and TechCrunch.

Insights to enhance your
video syndication strategy

Video activation

Case study: Spinrilla turns up the revenue with video ads

Spinrilla was looking for a way to increase revenue from the ad-supported version of their app.

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Understanding auction mechanics eBook

Read this new eBook to dispell any confusion publishers may have around first-price auctions, second-price auctions, header bidding, the future of programmatic and more.

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OTT presents a massive opportunity for publishers

Over-the-top (OTT) is no longer under the radar. With the OTT industry projected to surpass $40 billion by 2020 (TDG Research Study), it's no secret that the 'cord cutting' phenomenon is here to stay.

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Premium distribution

Drive engagement and earn off-property revenue with our premium content library. With high viewability and completion rates, we ensure your content gets seen.

Easy to integrate

Integrate with our video player, SDK, or VPAID tag and easily deploy your videos through automated playlists that can be optimized for revenue, viewer interest, or semantic relevance.

Seamless monetization

Our supply is integrated with over 50+ DSPs, including the Yahoo Ad Tech Video Exchange. Our sales teams sell these inventory opportunities, so you don’t have to.