The next generation of contextual targeting and monetization

Next-Gen Solutions is a suite of end-to-end audience creation and monetization products for non-addressable digital environments, where device or user ID aren’t available. This advanced contextual targeting solution goes beyond content to create valuable audiences at scale – no fingerprinting, no user profiling, no identity needed.

Key Differentiators

Quality audiences

Trained using a sample of identity traffic from Yahoo ConnectID to infer high-quality audiences.

Robust segmentation

Based on a mix of real-time signals including content, imprecise location, weather and device type for increased accuracy.


Built to comply with changing privacy laws. No stored user profiles. No tracking. No fingerprinting.

Tap into new buyers in Yahoo SSP through Next-Gen deals

We use unique data signals and behavioral modeling from consented data to better package your supply, and help you maximize revenue.

Yahoo SSP

Yahoo ConnectID

Yahoo ConnectID uses consent-based, first-party data to bring audiences to life in a world without cookies.

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