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BUILT BY GIRLS is a dedicated community providing mentorship and resources for the next generation of female + non-binary technology leaders. We give high school and college women and non-binary students access to real advisors, exclusive events at top tech companies and no-fluff resources to help them explore and land their first internship or job.

38k subscribers to our weekly career & college focused content1

And 80k followers across all social media channels1

1internal brand data

82% of our student members are people of color1

And 64% of our community is in college1

1internal brand data

Advisors from 150+ companies1

Our virtual mentorship program provides exposure, skills and networking opportunities

1internal brand data

Speak to the leaders of
today and tomorrow

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A Forbes “Trailblazer” interview with Executive Director Tiana Kara

BUILT BY GIRLS in Scientific American

“Built By Girls is helping to mold a new generation of people powered by technology…”

BUILT BY GIRLS in Fast Company

“A whopping 92% of the girls who’ve participated in #BuiltByGirls say they feel more confident to be a leader...”

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