Amplify 360 three level approach: Research

Note: Verizon Media diventa Yahoo.

Amplify 360 uses research to inform  good creative solutions, strategic orchestration and distribution. It may differ from the more widespread understanding of the practice within marketing and advertising, as we rarely conduct focus groups, consumer surveys, etc. Instead, we focus on behavioural data, listening in on the conversations and interactions between audience, brand and media. 

We attempt to place these conversations in a culturally relevant context and see them in the light of the events and trends shaping the world around us. The insights obtained from this are paired with audience- and market-specific data in order to engage clients in informed discussions. This helps establish relevant campaigns that spread naturally and organically.

We apply research and insights in every step of a campaign solution.  From supporting creative development to orchestration strategy and media mix. From weekly reporting on campaign effectiveness to large-scale areas of interest studies.

What sets us apart in our approach?

Driven by curiosity, not just Big Data

Data is definitely helping us obtain a deeper understanding of our audiences’ behaviour, interests and habits. We also employ a wide range of analytics and social analysis tools that allow us to spot meaningful connections among large datasets. However, we don't let numbers keep us from recognizing contextual nuance to uncover golden nuggets of information that help us understand people. For us, data points do not necessarily equal insights and we know that understanding an audience and their context takes human effort.

Proven experience in local and global markets

For fifteen years, we have helped clients develop, plan and roll out attention-grabbing campaigns all over the world; whether they’re tactical activations in a small country like Denmark, epic stunts with action heroes in different markets around the globe, or specific large-scale Chinese branding efforts. We largely consider the modern digital world to be borderless.  Our research often starts with a global understanding. Enriching and verifying that niche, along with local market insights, allow us to place campaigns in a more relevant context.

Exclusive access to Audience Insights

Verizon Media has differentiated and diverse data at scale with 200 billion data signals daily. Our Identity Graph is built on deterministic data from direct consumer relationships across a range of omnichannel, cross-screen touchpoints, like mobile app, search, owned and operated sites and apps, email and more. When combining this with conversation and context, we are ultimately a reliable research partner that will tackle each brief with the ambition to help our clients make sense of a particular area of interest and provide advice that can unlock more powerful and valuable creative communication, as well as strong distribution. 



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