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Yahoo integrates MikMak’s add-to-cart functionality, providing rich consumer insights for advertisers.

The e-commerce space has seen steady and significant growth over the last year. The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, has expedited that trajectory – with brands creating new ways to provide the best possible retail experience for consumers.

Even as vaccinations increase and more brick-and-mortar stores reopen, e-commerce will continue to surge, becoming nearly one-quarter of total retail sales by 2025. The key for brands to achieve ongoing success is to continue connecting with customers across the shopping journey, offering them choice and a premium commerce experience while using a data-driven retail strategy to deliver a heightened level of personalization for consumers.*

To offer a dynamic, personalized shopping experience, Yahoo is partnering with MikMak, a leading global e-commerce platform that accelerates growth for brands. The partnership delivers add-to-cart functionality and e-commerce analytics for campaigns running across Yahoo native ads and display inventory. 

Advertisers can now offer a multi-retailer checkout experience from the ad, allowing consumers to make a purchase from their preferred retailer. Consumers enjoy an interactive shopping experience, while brands can use MikMak Insights to understand the effectiveness of a campaign and activity across major online retailers using metrics such as add-to-cart rate, retailer sales, product interest, category benchmarks, and more.

CPGs also unlock the ability to capture valuable first-party consumer demographic, psychographic and behavioral data for target audience expansion and campaign optimization. 

“As the e-commerce space continues to see significant growth, it’s important for brands to reach their target audiences, wherever they are,” said Adam Russack, Director of Partnerships at MikMak. “We’re thrilled to partner with Yahoo to help CPG brands enable innovative e-commerce opportunities across premium inventory.” 

This activation builds on Yahoo strategic investments and initiatives in the e-commerce space, connecting commerce to Yahoo premium content while providing advertisers with data-based performance metrics to advise strategy. Most recently, Yahoo announced a partnership with Shopify, empowering businesses of all sizes to reach hundreds of millions of users in premium environments, including Yahoo Finance, TechCrunch, AOL, and more. 

For additional info about all the ways Yahoo can up your e-commerce results, let’s connect today.

*Davidkhanian, Suzy, 8 July 2021, “U.S. ecommerce forecast,” eMarketer.com.


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