Yahoo and DIRECTV Advertising are making TV ad buys more seamless

Managing and measuring cross-platform and cross-channel media buys in today's fragmented TV landscape is far from seamless. According to surveys by IAB, nine out of ten ad buyers believe linear and connected platforms will eventually converge. Yet, many broadcasters and service providers continue to closely guard their data, making it hard for marketers to have a holistic view of the ads consumers have already seen. And viewers hate ad repetition as much as you hate ad waste. 

Here’s the exciting news. Our new partnership with DIRECTV Advertising is a significant step toward making convergence a reality and puts more power in the hands of ad buyers. And who doesn’t want more power? For you, this partnership delivers a more seamless way to extend targeted TV reach across the largest live linear addressable footprint in the market.* 

Key benefits of this partnership include:

  • We’re now the exclusive, omnichannel demand-side platform (DSP) for DIRECTV's addressable ad inventory. This enables advertisers to dynamically deliver targeted ads to every one of the 25 million households across the DIRECTV, DISH and Verizon Fios footprints.
  • Additionally, DIRECTV's streaming inventory will become available via our supply-side platform (SSP), giving buyers across the Yahoo Exchange access to a growing CTV audience. 

By enabling significant interoperability between household addressable and CTV, this new partnership is a big leap forward not only for Yahoo and DIRECTV but for the digital advertising industry itself.

To learn more about how our partnership with DIRECTV helps make buying more seamless and drives performance for your brands, let’s connect today

* Largest footprint of any omnichannel DSP. 

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