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Yahoo and BuzzFeed: Expanded partnership helps advertisers reach in-demand audiences with innovative experiences

Consumers expect innovative experiences from brands. In fact, 72% of consumers want content and ads to provide new experiences.¹  Identifying in-demand audiences to share these premium, innovative experiences is a challenge. Still, it must be solved to thrive in a cookieless world.

Our expanded partnership with BuzzFeed is the answer. Advertisers now have premium access to BuzzFeed’s inventory, unlocking unique opportunities to connect with millennial and Gen Z audiences at scaleensuring post-cookie addressability.

BuzzFeed will leverage the Yahoo unified advertising technology stack and provide Yahoo with preferred programmatic access to deals via the Yahoo SSP. Through the Yahoo SSP, advertisers are able to tap into video, display and native inventory from BuzzFeed properties, including BuzzFeed News, Tasty, Goodful, HuffPost, and more, with the ability to connect with these sought-after audiences at scale:

  • 3 out of 4 people in the U.S. aged 25-54 reached monthly (94M).²
  • 85% of females aged 18-49 reached monthly (58M).³
  • 26.6M parents reached monthly.⁴
  • 1 in 2 Multicultural millennials reached monthly (25.3M).⁵
  • 7 out of 10 users say content inspires them to make purchase decisions.⁶

In addition, BuzzFeed is leveraging the Yahoo ad platform, including Yahoo Immersive, the largest online extended reality (XR) platform for advertising content, bolstering emerging ad formats, new consumer shopping experiences and innovative monetization strategies. 

Our partnership with BuzzFeed enables brands and publishers to meet their strategic advertising and monetization goals.

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¹  Immersive Content Formats Study, April 2020.

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