Compete more transparently through Open Bidding

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

The evolution of header bidding has pushed publishers to seek more transparency and competition within their waterfalls. Recent innovations to Google’s Open Bidding feature (formerly known as Exchange Bidding) have finally helped level the playing field, putting  demand partners like Verizon Media SSP and Video SSP on equal footing with primary ad servers. For publishers, that means greater opportunities for monetization across every channel, format, and device.

At Verizon Media, our solutions are built on flexibility, and our partnership with Google supports your needs no matter your integration path. For publishers who already have a direct connection with the SSP or Video SSP, enabling our demand through Open Bidding is an ideal complement to boost yield.

Open Bidding enables publishers to increase revenue and fill, by enabling their demand to compete in a unified auction.  For SSP demand partners like Verizon Media, that means competing in real-time with bids from Google's own demand and other third-party bidders..  We make it easy to support your goals by supporting your bidding across desktop display, video, and mobile apps.

Unlike header bidding tags, Open Bidding works via server-to-server integrations. That offers a few unique benefits compared to the standard header bidding setup, including:

  • Reduced latency/better performance. Header bidding tags which are implemented through code in the header of a web page are more prone to slowing down overall page performance. Server-to-server integrations have been shown to reduce page latency for users.
  • Centralized yield management. For publishers already using Google  as their mediation platform, managing demand partners through Open Bidding offers a more streamlined approach.
  • Easier integration. While implementing client side header bidding tags isn’t difficult, adding Verizon Media as a demand partner in Google is often as simple as selecting our SSP or Video SSP within the Google Ad Manager UI.

No matter who you work with or which format you’re looking to bid, we have the tools and the partnerships to help you monetize. Interested in working with us? Reach out to Verizon Media here.   


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