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Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

Our premium, brand-safe video library offers makes it easy to drive engagement and earn incremental revenue with every view: access a content library of 10M+ videos from over 600 premium content partners, including our properties like AOL, HuffPost, and third-parties like Fox, NBC and Conde Nast, across popular verticals like news, sports, finance, entertainment, lifestyle, and more.

Facts about our premium video library, which has 1b monthly viewers, 70% viewability and 60% ad compeltion rate.


Solutions for video player providers:

• Easy integrations: Our VPAID tag, SDK, or full featured video player is easy to integrate for playback across web, mobile or CTV devices.

Turnkey monetization: Our content is monetized through first-right-of-sale agreements, and through demand from our Exchange ensuring each video play helps your users generate revenue.

Built-in inventory quality: Anti-fraud, brand safety, and viewability integrations are available at no cost, and help us ensure there’s a real person behind each video view.

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