Reach your ROAS goals with Verizon Media

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

We don’t have to remind you that the world is an uncertain place right now. As an advertiser, you’ve likely shifted your campaign strategies and messaging dramatically to speak to your audience in new ways, which requires testing, iterating, and even more uncertainty.

Here’s what you do know for sure, especially now: you need to understand where your media dollars are going and if your budgets are stretching as far as they can. Your optimization goals remain unwavering -  minimizing wasted dollars spent on inefficient purchase paths, hidden fees, and inflated costs. In short, you should be confident you’re getting the best return on ad spend possible.

ROAS is typically thought of as the value of campaign-attributed conversions minus cost spent on the campaign. The definition of “conversion” varies between advertisers, which is why the Verizon Media DSP is focused on increasing your total ROAS in ways that are unique to you and how you measure return. For example, mobile app installs, new user registrations, and purchases can all be considered conversions, but only one has a dollar value associated with it. That makes comparing between ad platforms tricky.

Reach your ROAS goals with Verizon Media

As a metric, ROAS is complex but critical to understanding the overall effectiveness of media spend. The better a platform performs, the more money gets invested. That’s true even when the primary goal is reach, which is the case with many branded advertisers. The platforms that end up with persistent ad dollars from large brands do so because they’re outperforming on a ROAS basis, as measured by the advertiser.

With that context in mind, Verizon Media DSP continues to invest heavily on campaign performance optimization with flexible options, providing advertisers leeway to define their own objectives. Examples of these features include:

  • Enhanced Click and Conversion Prediction Algorithm - improving eCPC and eCPA 
  • Bring Your Own Algorithm - enables you to define custom bidding models to optimize line bidding on the DSP platform.
  • Bid Multipliers - enables advertisers to bid at varying prices for each targeting attribute using bid multiplier values.

Additionally, we have made system wide infrastructure investments to improve ROAS performance, such as:

  • Supply Scaling Initiative.  We’re ramping up our DSP supply access to reach 600 billion bid requests per day. This will increase access to high quality supply, with a focus on video, deals and emerging channels, improving  performance for our advertisers. Simply put, more inventory for our bidder to select from means greater opportunity to find the audiences for targeting at the best price.
  • Bid Shading. Algorithmic bid shading to mitigate against overbidding in first-price and non-transparent second-price auctions.
  • Direct to Publisher. Buy the way you want. Our DSP gives you the flexibility to access the best performing inventory through optimized channels. 

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to reevaluate your digital strategy.  Transparent, direct delivery tactics should remain top of mind for savvy marketers looking to drive pricing efficiencies and make constrained marketing budgets go further. 

Reach out to your Verizon Media representative to learn how to improve your campaign performance today. 



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