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Campaign spotlight: Programmatic promo drives viewers to “Shark Week”

For one adventurous week every year, viewers get close to their favorite underwater predator: Sharks. This year, they’ll be able to get much closer—perhaps too close.

In partnership with Yahoo, Discovery Communications is launching a new native augmented reality (AR) campaign for its hit tentpole event, “Shark Week.” The programmatic campaign is built around AR filters for Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook that put the underwater predators into the viewers’ surroundings.

With consumers demanding greater immersion, innovation and interaction, XR (AR/VR) is more important than ever for brands that want to stand out. The divide between physical and digital is shrinking at an accelerated pace—just like the disappearing distance between consumers and the branded experience they crave. Or a shark and the contents of a chum bucket.

Here’s how the AR engagement works. As consumers explore the depths of the ocean alongside first-time divers, listen to tales of near-death encounters, and consider the real-world logistics of a “Sharknado,” viewers of “Shark Week” can watch sharks literally leap off their screens— no matter where they are. A programmatic campaign through our DSP kicked off on July 1, leveraging display, mobile, video, CTV and DOOH. We made it easy for viewers to engage with all the toothy action. All they had to do was point their mobile device’s camera at a QR code on a CTV or a DOOH engagement to experience the AR shark creative instantly. Starting July 11, consumers can interact with unique, native AR ad units across our premium owned and operated properties, including Yahoo.

The “Shark Week” ad activation is the latest project from our partnership with Discovery Communications, which leverages traditional and emerging channels to reach consumers across their screens. One of our top client innovators and beta partners, Discovery Communications, pioneered the use of our TV tune-in product last spring. The TV tune-in attribution product allows broadcasters, networks and media companies to quantify the impact of digital ad campaigns on consumers tuning into TV shows. Since then, Discovery Communications has trusted Yahoo to lead its programmatic advertising efforts across display, mobile, video, Xbox, DOOH and CTV to drive subscriptions for discovery+.

As part of the campaign, native AR ad units also ran across our premium owned and operated properties like Yahoo. AR for programmatic requires unique creative and our in-house creative agency was tapped to re-code and optimize the AR creative to be able to run broadly, and programmatically, across channels and platforms, extending reach and visibility.

We were a launch partner for discovery+ in January, helping the new channel generate subscriptions via programmatic ad campaigns across display, mobile, video, Xbox, digital out of home and connected TV. Need help taking a bite out of the competition? Ready to reel in some big results? Don’t let this opportunity for your brand to stand out get away. Reach out to your sales representative or contact Yahoo today to learn how to connect with audiences using AR and VR.


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