A more powerful, easier-to-use reporting suite

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A more powerful, easier-to-use reporting suite

A more powerful reporting suite comes to Analytics Reports

You may have noticed the invitation link to “Try the new Reporting Suite” beta in Analytics Reports. After a few months of testing and feedback, we’re excited to finally unveil the new UI in GA! You can still switch back and forth between the old and new UI through the invitation link at the top of the Reports page for now, but in the next few weeks we’ll be switching all SSP, Video SSP, and Video Syndication users to the new Reports suite. 

What’s new?

Create and edit reports 2X faster
Most of our users’ time within Analytics Reports is spent creating and editing reports, so we completely redesigned the workflow to make this experience smoother, faster, and more powerful. 

The new UI improves the create and edit report functionality, enabling you to quickly adjust all necessary data sources, filters, dimensions, and metrics within a single screen. 

  • Clicking into dimensions or metrics presents all the available options for review and selection. 
  • In-line search fields enable you to quickly narrow down available options. 
  • When you select a dimension or metric and run a report, we make it easily available for you to reuse in future reports through the “recent” option, available in the metrics and dimensions view.

Our beta results show that the new workflow has significantly sped up the create/edit reports process, cutting time in half compared to the old UI.

Create Reports

Edit Reports

You can now create and run reports without first having to save them, making for a much more natural workflow. This also helps reduce the clutter in your reports archive, which you can now also clean up through bulk actions like bulk archive and bulk delete.

More powerful filters

One of the most useful features of tools like Excel and Tableau is how malleable the data is - you can create filters on every metric in any particular table. Analytics Reports now supports advanced filtering through our “Filter Everything” feature, allowing you to create filters based on any dimension relevant to the reporting data when you click into a report.

Customizable dashboards and charts

Users can now create reports featuring customizable dashboard-like layouts with tables and charts side by side showing everything you need to see within a single view.

Side by Side Charts

If you haven’t tried out the new Analytics Reports yet, check out the beta now! Otherwise, hang on for a few more weeks and we’ll start to roll out the new UI to all our users in mid-October.

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