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Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

Regardless of your campaign goals, every brand is faced with the same challenge: how do you get closer to shoppers and influence action? At Verizon Media, we know they will take action when they are in the right mindset to see your product and your message is placed in the right context. We’ve found that the answer lies in the intersection of these three ingredients: data, content, and context.


Diverse data

Successful marketers don’t just care about what people are doing - they care about why they are doing it. But understanding motivations takes data, and lots of it. Verizon Media offers some of the most diverse data available, including a vast community of shoppers:

• They’re qualified with 384M coupon messages opened monthly in Yahoo Mail

• They’re taking action across sites with 1.2B engagements

• Yahoo Mail captures $220M purchases per day through the inbox with users opening 61M receipt emails monthly



Shoppable formats for every part of the funnel

Whether searching for the ultimate gift for Father’s Day or doing last-minute Holiday shopping, our shoppable formats make “adding to cart” easy. What’s more, the newly reimagined Yahoo Shopping offers everything they’ll need to browse and shop: from inspirational, helpful shopping content, to tools that help them track prices on products they love. With Yahoo Mail, they’ll also have top deals and coupons at their fingertips–exactly what they need to make an informed decision and purchase. And with a host of interactive commerce formats from native retargeting to shoppable videos and AR experiences, brands are sure to make an impact across the funnel.



An audience with intent

As a sought-after destination for nearly 900 million monthly consumers, we have a good idea of the type of experience that keeps people coming back to our content channels. Across all of our properties, we connect users with brands to give them value and inspire product discovery.

• Inspire: We’re building experiences that allow users to discover, play, and explore brands and products in a new way, such as Shoppable Video Experiences, Branded Content Series, and AR units that drive new customers down the funnel.

Intent: We’ve optimized and revolutionized our inbox through the launch of Yahoo Mail 6 and consumer experiences such as our Native ads to drive more commerce activity and serve greater purpose in the everyday lives of users.

Transact: Yahoo has become a source for the best deals, empowering smart consumers and building loyalty. We built the Yahoo Shopping Hub, a personalized shopping experience to inspire purchases.

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