Verizon Media + Microsoft announce expanded supply partnership

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.
Verizon Media + Microsoft

The Verizon Media and Microsoft partnership continues to grow. We’re excited to share that we’re now the Supply side platform (SSP) of record for MSN and Outlook.com display supply, expanding upon our existing role as the primary SSP for Microsoft’s video supply across the nine primary markets that Verizon Media supports (US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, BR, and CA). 

Microsoft can now take advantage of our market-leading omnichannel SSP capabilities, including holistic inventory management across devices and screens, and access to our premium and exclusive demand partners including 3,000+ advertisers, agency partners, and demand side platforms (DSPs). Since onboarding was completed in September, Verizon Media SSP has helped drive improved CPMs for Microsoft across its inventory.

“We believe that aligning our Display Supply Side Platform with our Display Sales partnership in our largest markets is beneficial to advertisers, who are looking for more seamless access to our unique audiences.” - Kya Sainsbury-Carter, VP, Global Partner Sales, Microsoft

The Verizon Media and Microsoft partnership footprint is substantial. Together, we reach over 226M unique users monthly across devices (#3, Comscore U.S. Monthly Audience Rankings Snapshot - November 2020) and 196M unique users monthly on mobile devices (#3, Comscore). Unlike other properties which rely heavily on user-generated content to drive traffic, Verizon Media and Microsoft offer premium inventory built for brand safety to help advertisers expand their reach and find new high-value audiences.

DSP and exchange buyers can take advantage of new and improved capabilities across the Verizon Media Exchange, including targeting contextually aligned “Super Channel” deals consisting of Microsoft and Verizon Media O&O supply (Yahoo, AOL, and more) through a single Deal ID, buying direct 1:1 deals for MSN and Outlook.com supply, and applying unique Microsoft data segments when targeting MSN or Outlook.com inventory.

“We’re excited to deepen our relationship with Microsoft, and to deliver on our promise of building trust and engagement with our customers and users. Our expanded partnership allows us to not only help Microsoft increase revenue, but also provides even greater direct access to premium video and display inventory for our advertising and agency partners.” - Adam Roodman, SVP, Verizon Media Exchange

Contact us or reach out to your exchange partner manager to learn more about unique Microsoft opportunities. 

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