Driving Meaningful Consumer Relationships in a Cookieless World

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Excuse me, do I know you?

That’s the question many publishers are asking their visitors today - and the question users are asking the brands following their digital footprints. The deprecation of third party cookies across Safari, Firefox and Edge browsers, with Chrome expected to follow suit in early 2022, is forcing the industry to rethink relationships with consumers when it comes to identity.

With trust comes data

Identifiers are all the rage but they only account for one side of the addressability and measurement issue. Consumer opt-in is imperative for the long term health of our digital ecosystem, but many publishers authenticate fewer than 10% of their users if they can authenticate any at all, meaning that there’s a systemic problem across the publisher/supply world.  Publishers can fill the gap in  audience identification by empowering and educating their audience on the value and benefits of the value exchange. Read about these win-win opportunities here.

Crucial to this equation? Consumer trust. Consumers won't share data at the cost of personalization if they don't trust the partner. Conversely, if they trust the partner, they'll be open to sharing even if they can't explicitly state what personalization feature they’re getting in return.

Striking this balance is presenting a real challenge for marketers and publishers.  These shifting dynamics are forcing marketers and publishers to find alternative solutions that maintain quality user experiences and deliver consistent revenue, while honoring consumer privacy preferences.

A multi-pronged approach for a sustainable identity future

The ongoing identity revolution is drawing a line in the sand between advertisers and publishers who have access to first-party data, and those who do not. In the cookieless future, opted-in data will allow brands and platforms to deliver meaningful ad experiences to audiences. Powered by our proprietary identity graph, Verizon Media’s unified identity solution, ConnectID does just this -  empowers advertisers to draw on hundreds of millions of opted-in users from across Verizon Media’s global portfolio of owned and operated media properties, and is the industry’s only independent ad platform with a full-stack DSP and SSP. Because our users are logged in, all signals aggregated are entirely consent-based, meaning there’s a real value exchange that drives deeper, more sustainable relationships with consumers.

Despite the industry’s best efforts, 75% of ad opportunities are expected to be without identity by 2022. As a pioneer in this new identity world, Verizon Media understands the importance of targeting, buying, and measuring campaigns, especially when an ID isn't present. Verizon Media's Next-Gen Solutions use content and other real-time data signals like weather, location, and device types that allow advertisers to connect with their most relevant audiences without the need for cookies, mobile app IDs, browser storage, or user-level profiles.  Learn more about delivering relevant ad experiences in non-addressable environments here.

If you're not seeking solutions to help you survive in the identity-less future, you're simply running out of time. For advertisers who want to future-proof their businesses in an identity-constrained future, Verizon Media Brings Innovative Solutions for addressable and non-addressable inventory.

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