Bridging the gap between linear and digital: Introducing the new Cross-Screen Planner

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

As  industry estimates for U.S. Connected TV usage skyrocket to 195.1 million monthly viewers (eMarketer, US Digital Video 2019, Sept. 2019), marketers  are poised to increasingly explore  and emphasize CTV for their campaigns.  However, as  we support our customers in shifting from traditional TV buying to CTV, it’s important to take a broad view on overall engagement. Marketers are no longer just competing for consumers time spent, but overall consumption -- regardless of format, content, context or device platform.

With this in mind, the Verizon Media DSP is excited to launch the Cross-Screen Planner, a comprehensive planning tool to drive better TV and digital media experiences across platforms and formats.  In collaboration with Nielsen, the industry leader in television and digital audience measurement, this significant addition to the DSP offers a holistic view of linear TV and CTV audience overlap, as well as incremental omnichannel reach opportunities available through the Verizon Media DSP.

Fueled by Nielsen Smart TV Viewership data, Verizon Media DSP can identify what content viewers are exposed to across networks both through  linear and over-the-top programming. The planning tool enables  simultaneous forecasts across multiple screens and formats, helping to  improve the effectiveness of DSP customers’ media budgets across TV and digital.

With clearer visibility across advertising channels, advertisers get deeper audience and campaign insights, as well as  greater transparency and control around the true incrementality and universal frequency of their media efforts.  For example, campaigns can  now avoid overexposure of ads to the same customers, or can better echo messaging to the same audience in different channels. 

Key features will include

  • Familiar linear TV buying parameters , such as  age, gender, GRP, Network Selection, DMA, and day part
  • Audience comparative overlap analysis for extending audience reach  and reducing eCPMs across channels
  • PDF export for ease of distribution and report sharing
  • End to end planning and measurement for CTV and digital executions

“Advertisers understand strong cross-platform strategies are critical to their successes in a connected world.  With the integration of Nielsen’s Smart TV Viewership data into Verizon Media’s identity graph, Verizon Media DSP clients can now access a single view that enables  consolidated omnichannel planning and unified reporting,” says Matt Reid,  SVP, Product Leadership, Nielsen 

As TV viewership oscillates between traditional and digital worlds, the Verizon Media DSP helps  advertisers evolve with their audiences across CTV, Display, Video, Audio, and DOOH by approaching identity holistically. 

The Cross-Screen Planner is available to all DSP users. Reach out to your Verizon Media representative today or contact us to get started.

Screenshot of cross-screen planner UI



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