Introducing Yahoo Member Connect: A future-proof monetization solution for retail media networks and beyond

There's one thing consumers want nearly as much as a great deal – to know who they buy from is respecting their privacy. This leaves marketers in a bit of a bind. They must balance consumer demand for privacy-centric solutions with new ways to connect with customers and grow revenue streams. Media networks accomplish both – here’s how. Media networks use robust first-party data and trusted brand partnerships to open consumer connection opportunities for retailers (and other businesses) to venture beyond traditional revenue streams and work with partners to improve performance through innovative advertising experiences. 

Yahoo Member Connect, our new, cutting-edge media network solution, helps leading brands add to their core business. Yahoo Member Connect supports all types of businesses looking to build and scale their own media networks – enabling them to monetize data and media assets, engage with customers at scale and offer rich ad experiences with quality content. 

Yahoo Member Connect can help improve the performance of virtually any business category. Check out our partnership with Marriott International to see a media network function beyond retail. 

Yahoo Member Connect enables businesses to build even more meaningful customer connections via a full-stack offering in audience reach, data and identity. It offers: 

  • Identity/loyalty: Data is the backbone of retail media networks. Yahoo ConnectID, built on 240M unique user profiles with exclusive data signals such as purchase receipts, augments our partners’ identity graphs while respecting user privacy.*
  • Full stack: Whatever stage you’re at in your media network businesses, our full stack, from demand to data to supply, is flexible to serve your most pressing need.
  • Omnichannel supply: We can apply all data, first-party and third-party, to all supply partners and formats for a true omnichannel campaign across display, CTV and DOOH.

To learn more about how Yahoo Member Connect can further expand monetization of your first-party digital and physical assets to help you grow in a cookieless world, let's connect today.

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