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Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

Mobile is no longer a channel - it is digital marketing. That’s no more apparent than with our native mobile ad formats, where interactive, immersive, and dynamic content becomes more than just an ad - it becomes an integral part of the digital user experience. That’s why we’ve built a flexible ad canvas for vertical mobile executions, designed to work intuitively with small screen behaviours like swiping, scrolling and screen rotation . Our made-for-mobile formats see a 37% lift in ad recall and 80% lift in unaided brand awareness when compared to standard banner ads. Advertisers can create:



Immersive storytelling

Mobile is the primary way that people discover brands today. But how do you make a big impact amongst so much distraction? Our native mobile ads create immersive storytelling experiences through full-screen premium formats like Moments, Carousel, Video, and Extended Reality (XR).


Personalized content

Mobile marketing is all about providing your customer with what they need, when they need it. Dynamic Product Ads are highly relevant formats that allow you to retarget consumers based on their shopping history and Verizon Media's unique data signals. When shoppers need an extra nudge to buy your product, DPAs are personally relevant reminders delivered at the right moment.



Seamless retail experiences

Native mobile ads can do more than simply showcase your product. These experiences are intended to drive customers through the funnel and increase both online and offline sales. Take our Mobile Wallet ads, for example. These ads are true consumer-first utilities that transform your message into valuable coupons that can be added to a user’s digital wallet instantly. Once a user stores your coupon in their wallet, you can serve them lock-screen push notifications based on time and location to drive purchases along the funnel.

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