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Campaign Spotlight: HBO’s His Dark Materials Season 2 AR Innovation

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

HBO is known for its boundary-pushing shows that capture audience attention season after season. Verizon Media is equally renowned for its immersive storytelling content that cuts through the advertising clutter to engage and persuade passionate audiences. These two leaders in premium media recently came together for a must-watch partnership to promote Season 2 of the HBO show, His Dark Materials.

The HBO and Verizon Media strategy was designed to drive awareness and viewership through a highly-targeted native campaign using high-impact ad placements to reach relevant audiences. With entertainment seekers 4.8x more likely to want to learn more about a brand when the advertising is high-quality and fun, Verizon Media leaned into innovation to deliver its first-ever Entertainment brand AR partnership.1

High impact units work. Verizon Media research indicates that 58% of entertainment customers find AR appealing, and ⅔ of consumers want to learn more about brands using AR.2 With today’s consumer willing to pay significantly more attention to content designed to entertain them, it’s no surprise that Verizon Media - a leader in the immersive advertising space - was tapped to help spread the word to show-seekers looking to get hooked on a new story.

Verizon Media uses billions of first-party data signals and real audience behavior to reach television fans at scale, driving tune-ins from viewers you know will connect with your show. Experience the AR unit created for His Dark Materials here:

HBO QRHis Dark Materials HBO

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1. Verizon Media, Content Moments, 2029 - 2. Verizon Media, Omnibus study, 2020



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