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We’re excited to announce an expanded supply partnership with Glewed TV, a leading ad-supported, video-on-demand (AVOD) platform. Glewed TV delivers free access to over 20,000 hours of premium and original content, spanning food, sports, DIY, nature, documentaries, travel, comedy, product reviews, movies, and more that keeps viewers “glewed” to their seats. This partnership brings a new stream of premium video supply to Yahoo DSP and Yahoo Ad Exchange advertisers who want to reach key audiences on connected TVs (CTVs).

“This partnership allows buyers to leverage all that Glewed TV offers, from AVOD to display,” said Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer, Yahoo.

Few media channels have seen as many shifts as CTV over the past few years. With today's consumers subscribing to an average of five different streaming services (62% of adults currently subscribed to a streaming platform) and an ever-growing number of paid offerings available, many viewers are starting to feel and report subscription price fatigue.¹

As a result, we’ve seen a rise in free, ad-supported, video-on-demand (AVOD) services. In a recent survey, half of the consumers said they were more interested in AVOD offerings than they were just a few years ago.² This attitude shift, along with the significant growth in streaming viewers throughout the past year, has given CTV buyers new opportunities to connect with an engaged, fast-growing, and often incremental audience.

Glewed TV’s AVOD platform has over 100M monthly CTV viewers and reaches over 57M households.³ As a preferred SSP partner for Glewed TV’s CTV and display inventory, Yahoo now offers DSP and Exchange advertisers priority waterfall access to their content. Additionally, DSP buyers can reap the benefits of our unified ad tech stack, harnessing working media efficiencies and increased supply path transparency across Glewed TV buys.  

As programmatic buying becomes increasingly omnichannel, identity changes in mobile and web will follow suit in the CTV space. Glewed TV is also adopting Yahoo ConnectID, our cookieless identity solution, which enables Glewed TV advertisers to target inventory in cookieless environments through Yahoo DSP and Yahoo Exchange. 

According to Markman, “With the Yahoo DSP and our unified, full-stack solutions, we’re making it easier for advertisers to plan, buy and target campaigns across inventory types and devices. All while helping the world’s leading publishers maximize monetization.”

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¹ Morning Consult, 14-17 May 2020, “National Tracking Poll.

² Publicis Media & Yahoo: “Capitalizing on the CTV opportunity,” April 2021.

³ Glewed TV, Internal data, 2021.


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