Flexible audience targeting features

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

The Verizon Media DSP provides exclusive access to data and insights from over 1 billion users, and unique access to mobile and carrier data. Advertisers can leverage over 500 curated audiences derived from over 200B+ daily data events, or use our Audience Builder to create custom audiences using signals from advertiser’s first-party CRM data, Verizon Media’s proprietary data, and taxonomies from all major third-party DMPs.

Streamline your campaign with curated audience segments

Over 500+ highly scaled and accurate targeting segments including:

• Interests & behavior: Tap into the power of highly accurate, curated audiences based on insights from signals such as search, purchase behavior, site visits and device usage.

• In-market audiences: Pre-built lower funnel segments for key verticals optimized to drive conversions.

• Household & life stage: Whether a person is heading to college or buying a new home, Verizon Media identifies key signals that define life moments and help marketers reach people with more relevant messages.


Supercharge your targeting with custom audiences

Make brand experiences more meaningful with custom targeting segments, designed to reach your audience, whoever they may be. Our Audience Builder makes it easy to create bespoke audiences that leverage data from Search, Mail, Purchases, Location and more. Do you want to find a fashion designing, adventure traveling yogi who doesn't shop at Target? We have 1.3 million of them. Or are you looking for KFC-eating, Manga-reading, reptile-owner? We have 400 of them.


Reach more people like your customers with lookalike targeting

Lookalike modeling is used to reach new prospects that look a lot like your best customers. By leveraging data points from sources such as Yahoo mail and search, lookalike modeling helps advertisers build larger, scalable audiences that reflect the characteristics of the seed audience.


Find your most profitable segment with predictive audiences

Predictive audiences allow a marketer to leverage deep learning to analyze over a million attributes in a seed audience, and score users based on the probability of their taking a particular action: purchase, conversion, video view, etc. For users who score positively, Verizon Media is able to categorize them into eight tiers, each corresponding to their probability to convert, allowing advertisers to calibrate the right precision versus scale to reach campaign goals.

 Learn more about the audience targeting features available in the Verizon Media DSP here.


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