Flexible & easy-to-buy video solutions

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

Flexible & easy-to-buy video solutions

Our streamlined, unified suite of video ad solutions make reaching your audience easy, no matter where they go. Across mobile, video and what’s next, we offer brands access to immersive video formats, exclusive premium inventory and flexible buying options.

Diverse video ad formats

From integrations into our original programming to plug-and-play native formats, we offer brands access to diverse video experiences that make the most of your creative. Don’t have a video asset yet? Our world-class creative team is on hand to build custom branded content that achieves your goals.

• Pre-roll

• Native video

• 15 / 30 sec commercials across CTV, FiOS and gaming consoles

• Livestream video

• Custom content: publisher and brand-led

• Show integrations

Flexible buying options

It’s easy to get confused amongst an ever-evolving video buying landscape. Whether you’re a traditional TV buyer or a search advertiser testing video for the first time, we have a buying solution that meets your needs and expertise.

• Direct IO / Guaranteed Reserve

• Private Marketplace (PMP)


Native Marketplace

• Open auction


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