Make More: Cash in on Digital Video Advertising

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Optimisation : rentabilisez vos publicités vidéo numériques

This is the second article in our new series aimed at giving publishers like you insights to help make more money from your sites and apps.  From increased bid request transparency to personalized ad content, we’re introducing you to the tools and strategies you can implement to help drive revenue gains. 


Digital video advertising continues its success story, with forecasters predicting global ad revenue for the format to grow by nearly 18% in 2020¹. Thanks in large part to cordcutters and binge watchers, Connected TV advertising is driving much of that growth. CTV spend rose an estimated 37.6% last year to $6.94B, and it’s expected to surpass $10B in 2021². With marketers paying a premium to reach CTV and digital video audiences, we have some tips for publishers resolving to take advantage of the increased demand for video ads in 2020.

Do some site housekeeping

With the start of the new year, it’s always a good idea to check your current settings and optimize them to make sure you are monetizing effectively. Verify you are passing the right data in your bid requests. This way advertisers can easily identify whether you have supply they want to bid on. Make sure your bid requests are up to date with the right parameters. Review your block lists. Many publishers make seasonal adjustments in order to block certain categories of advertisers like political ads or pharmaceuticals. Review your block lists to make sure you aren’t missing out on key demand.

Protect your inventory with ads.txt

The IAB’s Authorized Digital Sellers (ads.txt) initiative is designed to bring trust and transparency to the programmatic ecosystem by allowing publishers to publicly declare authorized sellers of their inventory. By helping filter out bad actors selling counterfeit inventory, publishers can make their own legitimate supply more valuable. On Verizon Media’s Video SSP, we saw spend on authorized supply increase from 32% to 91% within a year of our adoption of ads.txt. 

Enquire about Deal Opportunities

Buyers often ask us to package supply across multiple publishers that better align with their targeting goals. Deal Opportunities is a new feature that allows us to offer publishers more revenue opportunities, while giving you more control over pricing and priority. 

Consider adding to your video supply

Q1 is a great time for publishers to experiment with new formats. If you’ve been thinking about adding video content to your site, Verizon Media’s Video Syndication tools can help. Bolster your content library with video from over 600 premium content partners, optimize video and ads across devices, and expand your reach with a distribution channel for your existing proprietary content. Our automated technology creates highly relevant, revenue-optimized playlists to drive deeper engagement with your users.


Start the year off right by making more from your video supply. Talk to your Verizon Media rep for more information. 

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