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Captivating Ad Formats for the Future of Identity

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

The ad industry is gearing up for a reset in a post-cookie world -- fueled by shifting consumer preferences, changing legislation, and the phasing out of third-party cookies and identifiers. Verizon Media is helping advertisers and publishers prepare with solutions for when an identifier is present (ConnectID) and when it is not (Next-Gen Solutions). Now we’re putting the spotlight on creative with new solutions and features that can be brought to life independent of IDs. Advertisers can easily produce high-impact and captivating creative at scale in the Verizon Media DSP that seamlessly serve on both ID-based and ID-less inventory -- enabling you to continue connecting and inspiring your audiences with creative that truly resonates.

Dynamic Creative

To get the best campaign performance, creative needs to be flexible enough to take into account a wide variety of inputs to personalize and engage audiences. For the first time, advertisers can easily build dynamic creative ads directly in the Verizon Media DSP for display, mobile, and video. Our solution, which includes Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), utilizes Verizon Media’s data-rich Identity Graph and leading machine learning technology to deliver against placements where first-party identity and consent-based data is available.

No IDs? No problem. Our dynamic creative solution can utilize premium contextual segments in combination with data signals such as weather and geo to personalize and decision on creative for engaging and relevant experiences.

A leading national grocery chain used Verizon Media’s Dynamic Creative Optimization solution to serve personalized eCircular content with location data, which resulted in 90%+ lift in unique website visits, as compared to non-Dynamic Creative ads.

Dynamic Product Ads

In the past year, users shifted shopping habits from physical stores to digital at a pace 500% faster than expected³, making it more important than ever to reach users in a digital environment. For advertisers who have a product feed, Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) is now available in the Verizon Media DSP across both native and display placements on mobile and desktop, empowering brands to target users based on their unique shopping patterns. Advertisers can leverage DPA to both retarget and prospect users, the latter only requiring first-party data, which makes it adaptable to an ID-less environment.

Leading mattress brand, and a winner in our third annual Brandblazers competition, Purple leveraged Verizon Media’s DPA solution to deliver personalized shopping experiences to consumers, resulting in performance that was 44% above Purple’s ROAS goals. These feed-based ads create intuitive shopping experiences that are built for creativity, yet mindful of a user’s specific interest. Verizon Media now enables DSP advertisers to benefit from its DPA expertise, delivering millions of conversions on our properties each month.

Intelligence-based visuals

Consumers want to be able to multitask within their digital environments, quickly shifting from content consumption to commerce. And advertisers want to be able to capitalize on that behavior, pairing trusted content and consumer interests with shopping opportunities. Verizon Media now has a solution that employs contextual targeting and our proprietary machine learning technology to identify images on Verizon Media owned & operated properties and programmatically surfaces a similar image within an ad. A consumer could be reading an article about the hottest summer shoe styles on Yahoo Life, and see an ad featuring a similar style from a top brand.

In Q3, this intelligence-based visual solution will be especially powerful when applied to Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), drawing on millions of images from product feeds, showing various perspectives of the image to drive consideration and avoid ad fatigue.

Text Strength Indicator

Advertisers can get even more granular with creative optimization by focusing on creative variants. Simply changing one variant on a piece of creative can massively improve performance.

Take ad copy in a native ad, for example. Without relying on IDs, our industry-first Text Strength Indicator feature applies AI-driven text analysis across the billions of ads we’ve run on the Verizon Media DSP to optimize copy for performance. It provides advertisers with real-time feedback on the predicted performance of the copy in their ad as it’s being created, while also making recommendations for winning ad copy.

On average, we see a 27% improvement in CTR as compared to ads that don’t use Text Strength Indicator. This helps advertisers and their agencies take the guesswork out of production to drive performance and reduces the burden of work on your creative team. Said Daniel Aguilar, Head of Ad Operations at Detads Advertising, "The recommendation was better than the ad text that I was using, so I will be using Text Strength Indicator again for sure. It really helped us with testing different ways to find potential customers to buy our client’s products."

Work with a trusted partner

In the absence of cookies, Verizon Media can help you leverage alternative methods and smarter technology to create even deeper relationships with your audience at a time when personalization is at a premium. Our DSP also offers a full-service in-house agency that can adapt your creative for traditional and emerging formats, from pre-sales ideation to post-sales execution and everything in between. No other DSP offers this service, and this is yet another way we ensure your creativity performs. Let us be your trusted partner to help you pivot to the new identity reality and continue the amplification of your brand value. Get in touch with us today.

¹Verizon Media, Omnibus Study, 2019

²Verizon Media, internal data, July 2020

³Williams, Robert. “40% Of Marketers Now Use Shoppable Video Ads, Underpinning 'Storeless' Economy.” Marketing Dive, 10 Nov. 2020


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