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Tell an even greater brand story with innovative native formats

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Today’s customer journey is driven by experience. As your audience researches, discovers and ultimately makes purchases on their devices, the digital ads they encounter along the way play a major part in their decision-making process. In fact, 84% of people say experiences are just as important as a company’s products, placing a premium on telling more compelling brand stories through your ads.

That’s precisely what native formats are designed to do. Native advertising follows the form and function of the user experience in which it appears. Placed within trusted content environments, these highly-targeted ads can drive great performance. As a result, most people think of native for bottom-of-the-funnel goals, but the power of native is its ability to help your brand tell better stories to reach awareness and consideration goals, too.

Here are a few new ways to use native ads as a brand canvas to help you develop more powerful experiences for your customers at all stages of the journey. 

Extend your reach

Have you already developed video and creative assets for a TV campaign? Repurpose them for native video formats and extend your story to the smaller screen. The combination of Verizon Media’s scale and trusted content environments has helped brands like yours achieve:1

  • 56% greater brand affinity
  • 55% greater consideration
  • 3x more ad exposure vs. pre-roll
  • 157% higher awareness vs. pre-roll

An entertainment client used high impact mobile ads to promote a movie release. This format earned video completion rates over 50%, and a 35% lift in CTR vs. industry-wide benchmarks.2

Promote branded content

Our native canvas is a perfect opportunity to deliver more upper funnel distribution of your branded content. Verizon Media’s first party data can improve your targeting across native, helping you drive awareness and new customer acquisition. 

A financial services company recently created a branded video series with targeted native ads driving consumers to hosted content pages on mobile. They experienced a 10% higher CTR than industry benchmarks when telling their story using native channels.

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Improve engagement 

Interactive storytelling with native formats is a proven way to get your audience to stop in their digital scrolling tracks and engage with your message. Innovative formats such as carousel ads encourage users to swipe through multiple images at a time, holding their attention for 70% longer than static imagery.1 By viewing just 2-3 cards in an interactive format, mobile users engage with ads at a 30% higher rate and drive 60% lift in unaided brand awareness.1

One travel advertiser recently leveraged an interactive carousel to increase lead generation and drive traffic to their website. By captivating users and keeping them from scrolling past their post, this brand drove 3x more site visits and 33% more time spent on their site when coming from the native experience.

Integrate new realities

Give your customers a greater experience by letting them interact with your story in a whole new way. 60% of consumers said an innovative augmented reality (AR) ad formats led them to like the brand more.3

Augmented reality (AR) ad formats have inspired engagement time of up to 2.4 minutes for a home improvement advertiser.


No matter your campaign goal, these formats can become a powerful brand canvas that pays off across the entire customer journey. Start telling better, more complete stories today - check out inspiring examples of native campaign executions that make a big impact on a small screen.  




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3. Verizon Media Mobile Shopping and Mobile Commerce Ad Features Study, August 2018


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Native Ads

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