Verizon Media & Alliance for SoCal Innovation partner to digitally connect and energize SoCal region

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

The Alliance for SoCal Innovation Partnership

As a global leader in innovative experiences, Verizon Media knows the next great hub of innovation when it sees it. That’s why Verizon Media is excited to announce its partnership with the Alliance for SoCal Innovation, a nonprofit who directly supports leaders and stakeholders to nurture and grow the SoCal innovation ecosystem. 

The Alliance recently launched an online platform to connect SoCal’s innovation ecosystem stakeholders to resources and to each other. The platform will enable communities to independently curate, drive, and manage content and relationships within the full network of innovators and allies, supporting individual geographic areas as well as technology and industry verticals. Pilot work is already underway to launch microsites for downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach, Ventura County/Thousand Oaks, and the Space Ventures Coalition

While it was easy to identify SoCal as a future leader in innovation, the Alliance was missing the platform to connect these compelling SoCal innovation communities into a powerful network. Verizon Media’s involvement will help the Alliance carry out its mission of increasing access to valuable SoCal resources, connecting the diverse ecosystem of leaders and stakeholders, and driving engagement for Alliance and regional partner programs. The Boston Consulting Group has identified SoCal as the 3rd most important innovation region in the US, but we know by more powerfully connecting compelling elements of the SoCal this region can be a global leader.

This investment is just the latest commitment Verizon Media is making in the region, having already built a 5G studio in Playa Vista to bring the next wave of technology to partners and consumers. Through the Alliance, Verizon Media will be able to expand its digital reach and provide first-hand 5G expertise to diverse innovators building the future on the game-changing network.

"It's an exciting time as we enter the fourth industrial revolution with 5G connectivity,” said Ivan Markman, Chief Business Officer at Verizon Media and Senior Advisor to The Alliance. “As part of Verizon we are building next-generation experiences through our creative production studios and technology platforms. We know how important it is to ensure the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to harness the creative opportunities that are now becoming possible are shared across sectors and organizations, so the incredible potential it brings can be realized. That's why we are partnering with Alliance SoCal, working with and helping to drive innovation from the best and brightest across the state."

“It is only through partnering with committed and forward-looking industry leaders like Verizon Media that we can further elevate the SoCal region as a global leader in innovation,” said Andy Wilson, Executive Director of the Alliance for Southern California Innovation. “Just like Verizon creates the networks that move the world forward, we at the Alliance do the same by connecting innovation leaders across the region. It is only through a powerful digital platform that we can unify and energize the diverse and compelling assets that define the SoCal innovation ecosystem. We are grateful to partner with Verizon Media to develop this enabling capability.” 

The Alliance will have access to Verizon’s thought leadership, technical expertise, and engaging content to attract hundreds of thousands of new jobs to the region while making sure the brightest minds in Southern California continue to call the area home. The partnership represents a catalytic investment for the Alliance to build out and grow a community platform that will drive industry and geographical convergence, connect SoCal’s best thinkers, and grow the region’s profile as a true global hub of innovation.

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