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Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

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Advances in programmatic have made digital advertising across apps and sites easier in many respects, but new problems have emerged.  Amidst the vast  landscape of DSPs, SSPs, and all the other partners in between (programmatic exchanges, data and targeting providers, measurement and attribution providers,  verification services, etc), there are more and more players collecting fees throughout the supply chain and manipulating auction dynamics to boost revenues. 

eMarketer estimates that US advertisers will spend almost $12 billion this year on the fees that make programmatic display transactions possible.1 That’s a third of all advertising spend ending up in the hands of intermediaries and other programmatic partners as opposed to the actual media.2  

Publishers see a problem with this, too. More than one third say that a lack of trust in their ad tech partners holds them back from making more inventory available programmatically.3  As a result, marketers are taking a more critical view of their SSP and exchange partners and demanding a more transparent view into their programmatic advertising buys. Many large advertisers are even reducing the number of partners they work with to consolidate their investment and increase media efficiencies. 

In a time when marketers are being more critical, what’s the best path forward for publishers and SSPs? 


The progress the industry has seen over the past year or two is promising, but it is just the beginning. By offering advertisers access to  more information, publishers and SSPs have shed  light on a number of advertiser pain points, including fees in the supply chain, supply quality, and auction dynamics. This transparency has given and will continue to give advertisers the reassurance they need that publishers and SSPs are  doing what they say - like hosting second price auctions that are truly  second price, without any hidden fees.

“Fee transparency and auction level insights are increasingly more important in this industry,” says Chris Kane, Founder and CEO of the programmatic consultancy Jounce Media. “If you’re a buyer, it’s table stakes when choosing a partner. If you’re a publisher, it means access to more trusted programmatic solutions and quality demand opportunities. Sharing data is not only good for buyers and exchanges, it’s good for the ecosystem.” 

Verizon Media is working with partners to provide transparent reporting and supporting industry-wide initiatives like sellers and supply chain object, but that's not all.  We also offer the only zero fee, direct path to our entire portfolio of owned and operated media properties. That’s 0% - yes 0 % - SSP fee on display and video supply across a suite of media brands  which reach nearly 900 million global unique visitors every month,4  and 81% of the US internet population.5  

As one of the largest digital premium publisher in the US,6 our content is sought out, engaged with, and loved millions of times every day.  Our 30+ brands span finance, sports, news, lifestyle, health, commerce, and entertainment  and include:

  • Yahoo Finance: the #1 destination finance and business property for visits and engagement7 
  • Yahoo News: which act as the #1 news site for visitors8
  • Yahoo Mail: the #1 ranked mail app9
  • Yahoo App: the #1 App ranked in App Store Lifestyle category

0% fees on these opportunities are only possible when advertisers buy our supply directly through the Verizon Media Exchange, Video Exchange through the demand platform of their choice. 

What could be better than 0% fees? It doesn’t get more efficient than that. 

By leveraging our full ad tech stack (Verizon Media's DSP and Exchange), we are able to offer partners benefits they can’t get anywhere else. 

  • End to end transparency 
  • Competitive and transparent rates on thousands of premium publishers 
  • Maximum efficiency for working media 
  • Superior identity mapping
  • Increased addressable media  
  • Consolidation of partners with measurement, targeting, and other intermediaries all in one place

Programmatic advertising is a powerful tool for marketers. Make your working media dollars go farther by partnering with Verizon Media.


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