Meet the top performing ad creative of 2020 in Yahoo Hong Kong

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

There are more creative ways than ever to tell your brand story. Great ad creatives can make deeper connections and lasting impacts with your audience. With 83% of consumers wanting brands to create experiences that help people stay emotionally close, having the right formats and features in your campaigns puts you at an advantage when it comes to innovation and performance. Research by Verizon Media backs this up, with interactive ad formats shown to engage even hard-to-convince audiences, drawing them in by curiosity.

Our Ad Creative Technology Team (ACT Team) has summarized from their creative works across Verizon Media network in 2020 in Hong Kong and unveiled the top performing creatives. Here are the best practices that kept users engaged. 

The big winner: Interstitial with Scratch

Interstitial with Scratch

The Mobile Tiles format, which is a post-tap ad format and getting advertisers’ awareness in recent years, was the top performer in terms of both CTR and Engagement benchmarks in Hong Kong in 2020.  When it came to features, users showed a preference for creative that they could interact with.  Using scratching as a motion to unveil the ad product topped the chart last year.  Yet, AR and Gamification also battled for the top spot in both metrics.

Capturing attention via AR: Tiles with AR

Tiles with AR

When using Augmented Reality (AR), brands can have one-to-one engagement with their target audience.  Moreover, ad messages can be customized based on time, weather and other data.  All in all, this format increases the average interaction time and brand connection with the audience.

Tiles with Gamification

Adding fun elements to the creative is proven to be an effective way to increase client engagement, and gamification is certainly one of the approaches. Audiences not only have fun but also learn about the product/services through the game. We have seen remarkable engagement through gamification.

Looking at the past year’s creative is certainly insightful.  Our ACT team is equipped with the best-in-class ad technology and they can support your creative vision through strategic planning, design and implementation.  Be your trusted resource for delivering your brand and campaign messages in ways that will make the biggest impact.

Check out the Verizon Media Ad Showcase to explore our full creative capabilities with real-world examples of content experiences from recent projects.  Contact us for more insights and to get started building your campaigns with Ad Creative Tech.

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