Premium Integrations

csl partnered with Verizon Media for the 5G Launch

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

At a Glance

Goal: Become the market-leader for 5G and related products; groom the general public on the myriad 5G benefits to prepare for its eventual dawn in Hong Kong

Solution: A partnership-integrated solution composed of O2O cooperation; offline activations for the public; engaging, interactive technology; as well as online content paired with media commerce on behalf of Verizon Media

Results: The partnership between Verizon Media and csl saw 13m+ impressions and more than 2.8m page views, resulting in a 139% increase in visitors to csl’s new 5G website. More importantly, csl’s 5G Lens saw a huge increase in adoption rate within the first month of launch


Inspiring Change

While the general public anticipates the dawn of 5G, Hong Kong consumers do not understand the technology fully, and struggle to see the benefits of 5G and the impact it will have on their lives. Inspiration and education are, therefore, paramount in convincing them to make this move. To do this, the telco and media giants joined hands to position 5G and their peripheral gadgets as an enabler for better, faster living.

Boost Awareness

To open the public to the world of endless possibilities brought on by 5G, csl and Verizon Media hosted the city’s first immersive 5G VR media event, taking the audience down a virtual memory lane of Hong Kong’s most memorable moments as well as a meet-and-greet with Verizon Media leaders from around the world. Marrying csl 5G’s ultra high-speed technology and Verizon Media’s revered experience in media production, an unprecedented immersive experience was born, seamlessly bridging the real with the virtual. Participants could make their own avatars and enter into a virtual world featuring heartfelt collective memories of Hong Kong like Florentijn Hofman’s giant Rubber Duck, pandas in Ocean Park and more.


Also in the mix was a branded content hub whereby visitors can learn the latest 5G trends, news and related content that touch on education, travel, business, mobile technology, entertainment and smart living. Topics included “Turning your home into an Art Gallery with AR”; “Hiking with VR”; “The AR-helmed Google Lens” and more.

csl content hub


To complement are a host of display banners and entry points across Verizon Media’s extensive network ranging from Homepage editorial features, native ads, audience ads and more.

After learning and understanding 5G, visitors are also invited to Verizon Media’s 5G-helmed interactive and inspirational shopping experiences around its portal, which also included a number of csl-driven promotions to further drive conversion.


First-hand Experience

To further instill the need for AR/VR in the general public’s daily lives, Verizon Media x csl overlaid virtual interactions onto everyday environments accessible with just the camera function without the need for further downloads. Users need only to direct their cameras at designated objects to reveal surprises on the screen. Aim it at our palms, for instance, a weather globe will materialize; point it at the table and a Jenga game will emerge.

csl ar


After the sneak preview, players are encouraged to download csl’s exclusive 5G Lens to unlock personalized offers and promotions from its retail partners. Complemented with an exclusive Yahoo 5G Sim card, users can get a real taste of unprecedented surfing speeds and be inspired to upgrade.

yahoo 5g sim card


The partnership between csl and Verizon Media is a true success, with the branded content hub reaching over 2.8 million pageviews, leading to 139% increase in new website visitors to csl’s 5G website. The campaign was launched with great success at the height of the pandemic.

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