Clarins Grabs Eyeballs & Purchases by going Creative & Technical with Yahoo DSP

Clarins Grabs Eyeballs & Purchases by going Creative & Technical with Yahoo DSP

At A Glance


Boost purchases for Clarins’ Total Eye Lift product from its official ecommerce site via hyper-personalised and tailored marketing strategies


Deliver dynamic creative content by affinity of audience recognised by Yahoo DSP to maximise the click-through rates and purchase intent via the most efficient consumer journey possible.


The final result beat the client’s overall CPA by 30 to 40%. The Total Eye Lift product average monthly sale grew by 38% compared to days prior to the campaign.


Let’s talk challenge, Hong Kong style

The permeation of beauty brands plus their myriad products, offers and features is a constant challenge for marketers in Hong Kong. Paired with consumers’ short attention span mean messages must be immediately captivating and offered in the right time and right place. As such, creativity alone will not cut it given the range of audiences and the varying messages that tickle them. What resulted was a marriage of Clarins’ creativity and Yahoo DSP on the brand’s first-ever programmatically drive, DCO-enabled campaign.

Let’s talk creativity, Clarins style

To successfully target Clarins’ audiences of beauty mavens with high spending power, working ladies and moms, a series of dynamic banner ads were created featuring the brand’s signature red, a buy-now button plus information in bullet points that touch on the eye cream’s efficacy paired with a close-up picture of the face; herbal formula complemented with an artwork of the bottle against a backdrop of flora and fauna; and popularity, which is married with a wider shot of a model’s face.
Clarin's programmatic showcase image 1


Let’s talk DSP, Yahoo style

In Yahoo’s DSP Dynamic Creative Optimization Templates, an audience segmentation becomes data signal to trigger which of the above-mentioned ad versions to deliver to which type of audience per bid request. In this campaign, the DSP targets five audience segments including entertainment gurus, working moms, beauty mavens, frequent shoppers and Clarins’ fans.

Upon delivery, the individual’s interest affinity will be paired with the respective message to optimize purchase intent. For instance, if a bid request is fired and the Yahoo DSP identifies the audience as a “frequent shopper” who might be attracted to discounts, the system will then show him/her ads with special-offer messages to prompt click-through.  Once the audience clicked the ad, it will bring him/her to Clarin’s e-Commerce site to learn more or make a purchase. 

Clarin's programmatic showcase image 2

As Ben Kwan, CEO of UM (HK & TW) commented on the campaign performance, “Reaching audiences in this fast changing market landscape was a top priority for Clarins’ Total Eye Lift Campaign.  Together with Yahoo, our team worked closely with Clarins to deliver their first-ever programmatically driven, DCO-enabled campaign to deliver results that outperformed the CPA target by 30% to 40%.  We were encouraged by the results and this collaboration exemplifies the optimization potential when combining technology with strong audience strategy. ” 

Moreover, the campaign archived a solid business result with the Total Eye Lift product average monthly sale grew by 38% compared to days prior to the campaign.

If you are interested in Yahoo DSP solutions, reach out to your Yahoo sales representative or email to ad.enquiry.hk@yahooinc.com.