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Meet the top performing ad creative of 2020 in Yahoo Hong Kong

With 83% of consumers wanting brands to create experiences that help people stay emotionally close, having the right formats and features in your campaigns puts you at an advantage when it comes to innovation and performance.

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Ad Formats

Put the power of the Yahoo and Microsoft partnership to work for you

The Microsoft portfolio gives you the power and scale of the Microsoft ID, Bing search and MSN browsing for rich first party data that makes your advertising even more effective.

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Use native ads to reach search and performance goals

Target the same users who have searched for your products, but with more engaging ad experiences, served alongside premium, brand-safe content - and leverage additional intent signals from users.

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Consistent data

Yahoo has analytics on 1/3 of all app traffic

Source: Flurry Analytics

Influential connections


reach of U.S. millennials (P18-34) on mobile

Source: U.S. Mobile Metrix, October '17

Greater tracking


reach of all U.S. iPhone users

Source: U.S. Mobile Metrix, October '17

Success story

Tissot turned literally everywhere into a basketball court

To promote the special edition of its Chrono XL NBA Collector, Tissot partnered with Yahoo to launch a mobile WebAR game that turned everywhere – you name it – into a basketball court and boosted product trials by nearly 60%.

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