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Email. Search. Real-time media. Yahoo didn't just pioneer the foundation of the web we know today. We humanized it. And tech needs humanity now more than ever. We were there at the beginning—and we’re ready to guide our universe of partners into the future. We have more capability than ever to power business performance. But we never lost that human touch.

People, partnership, performance: It’s how growth happens


It starts with people and always prioritizing their privacy. Our Advertiser and Publisher partners can connect securely with over 500 million unique consenting users.


You can’t have a partnership without trust. It’s what our legacy is built on: Over the past 25 years, we’ve built trusted relationships with brands across the globe.


The proof is in the performance: We’re passionate about showing our impact. Advertisers get the returns they want with precise audience targeting, and Publishers use our proven technology to better scale and monetize.

Simple ad tech solutions for audacious ambitions

We connect businesses to solutions that help them experience meaningful growth.

A trusted environment, with better targeting and measurement solutions that outsmart the cookie—it’s all part of the total package toward every customer’s goals for growth.

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Read up on our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging work, at the core of innovation as we see it.


Find your future in a workplace of people who make things that matter.

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