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Macy’s drove mobile and omnichannel growth

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Macy's case study at a glance:

Goal: Drive increased return on ad spend for retail campaigns.

Solution: Test innovative, native, mobile ad experiences including Dynamic Product Ads, Mobile Moments Ads and Mobile Wallet Ads.

Impact: 12% decrease in Cost Per Click

Macy's is one of America's most iconic brands, with a long history of innovation throughout the retailer's 159-year history. The impetus behind all of Macy's innovation to date? Putting the customer first. With the advent of the Internet and online shopping, retail quickly became one of the most highly disrupted industries, resulting in unparalleled competition from incumbent department stores to startups alike. Macy's however, has tapped into this tech renaissance, specifically mobile. From personalized experiences to new engaging ad formats, there are some revolutionary new mobile technologies available to connect brands more meaningfully with shoppers, and Macy's is leading the way.

"Verizon Media helps us to seamlessly drive incremental business through the powerful combination of search and native, and in a very customer-centric way. We tap into every customer experience out there because there is a high degree of personalization that comes with native that we are extremely excited about."

- Karthik Viswanathan, Macy's Vice President, Search Media.

It's estimated that by 2020 half of all retail e-commerce sales will be made on mobile. As users go mobile, the ways in which they consume content, explore products, and make purchases is constantly evolving which can become a challenge. This year Macy's has continued their partnership with Verizon Media by translating these challenges into opportunities, powering a new mobile strategy and delivering a better shopping experience overall. The partnership focused on three core areas; personalization, mobile innovation and omnichannel. Immersive experiences can't always be achieved with traditional ads.

Building Mobile Connections

To that end, Macy's has been driving mobile and omni-channel growth by partnering with Verizon Media to build meaningful mobile ad experiences including:

  • Personalization. Dynamic Product Ads, the ultimate personalization tool: reminding users of items or recommending items based on shopping history and Verizon Media's unique data signals.
  • Immersive experiences. Mobile Moments, an immersive ad canvas that helped convey Macy's overall brand experience using a premium format served in premium context.
  • Omnichannel. Mobile Wallet, highlighting deals that drive foot traffic and appear when users are ready to buy.

Focused on the entire shopping experience, from personalized deals to fun experiences ultimately driving conversions, Macy's and Verizon Media built and tested these new ideas with Verizon Media native ads, to address the mobile consumer's changing habits. And it worked.

The Results

The results at a company level? So far in 2018, Macy's has outpaced analysts' first-quarter earnings and exceeded expectations for fiscal Q1. This is following one of their best overall quarters as a company in Q4 of 2017.

By creating a consumer-first mobile strategy Macy's was able to truly connect with shoppers and inspire new brand loyalists. Innovative retailers must look for more than immediate clicks and instead leverage mobile to build and foster longer-term brand relationships.

Macy's Mobile Ad Experiences

Macy's 3 Mobile Innovation Ad Formats

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