Following post-Brexit changes to import rules for businesses working with the EU, The Cabinet Office Communications team partnered with Yahoo Finance to create an interactive video campaign highlighting what small businesses need to do next—with content and case studies supporting them every step of the way.

Following UK’s exit from the European Union, The Cabinet Office Communications team wanted to inform business owners about changes to import rules and to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to take action now.

Our biggest task was to get audiences to take immediate action to minimise disruption to their business, the flow of trade at the borders and the wider economy.

Yahoo created ‘Business Moves’, our first branching narrative video headed by journalist Georgie Frost. In it, Georgie presented the changes that small businesses, haulage firms and drivers needed to make, while directing them to resources on gov.uk where they could find further support.

The fully interactive video allowed the viewer to select their journey throughout the narrative. The video culminated with 13 clickouts to case studies and additional guidance.

The video experience was built using the Morphcast player. It was embedded into a Yahoo Finance editorial destination, supported with 30 and 15 second trailers distributed across the Yahoo network to drive traffic.

The activity also includes a dedicated brand channel under the Yahoo Finance vertical, ‘Post-Brexit Trade’.

The editorial team created twenty bespoke articles, each targeted to a different type of business, combined with interesting case studies of other businesses who had taken the actions required. The partnership was amplified by targeted native and video support via the Yahoo DSP.

Interactive Video User Journey

Key results
The campaign drove awareness and understanding of the steps businesses needed to take and those exposed were more likely to take an action vs non exposed.

Those exposed to the campaign were +13%pts more likely to feel ‘informed’ and ‘prepared’ about the new regulations vs a matched control group (a statistically significant difference).

Those exposed to the campaign were +106% more likely to search for terms relating to EU imports and custom regulations compared to those not exposed.

The content reached over 320,000; approx 10% of the target audience. Creatively, the ads were very well received. 94% of the audience said the content was ‘relevant’, 79% said it was ‘different from other initiatives’.

Most importantly, 92% of those who watched the interactive video said they took action (i.e. visited gov.uk, attended a webinar, started or continued planning, etc).

Metrics Exposed V Controlled Graph

Source: Yahoo/Dynata Brand Study, Q1 2022. Online interviews with 459 business decision makers in SMEs who import goods from the EU.nExposed to campaign: 236, Control (non-exposed): 223.


"Working with the Yahoo team, we were able to create unique content to reach our audience.
Through the use of interactive video and bespoke editorial content, amplified by targeted native ads
we were able to reach importers who needed to take action on the rule changes. 

The innovative use of interactive video proved engaging for these hard-to-reach decision makers and we were delighted with the uplifts in awareness and understanding amongst those exposed to the campaign. The collaboration ensured we have lots of learnings to carry over to other government campaigns".

Mary Hennessy,
Head of Stratcomms and Campaign Delivery,
National Resilience Communications,
Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office

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