Stories: Now programmatically


Innovative planning

Increase awareness through the use of one of the most high-profile digital marketing formats while moving it to a secure environment and benefiting from all the advantages of real-time bidding. These are the reasons that led CUPRA, with the help of PHD, to choose Yahoo Brand Stories to promote its CUPRA Leon, a hybrid vehicle that integrates the most cutting-edge technology with a distinctively stylish appearance.

Meanwhile, PHD, a media agency which forms part of the Omnicom Group, has a deep commitment to innovative planning in its DNA. For this reason, they wanted to be the first ones to test, in a programmatic environment, a format which has always been characterised on social networks by its excellent performance.

Yahoo Brand Stories

Yahoo Brand Stories are a mobile advertising solution similar to the well known social media stories, but are set in a premium environment. They constitute an immersive experience that combine different visual elements, from video and short texts to surveys, questionnaires and purchase modules, allowing the advertiser to create a unique user experience. The format allows brands to reuse the same creative assets used for social networks, while also reaching premium publishers, and is available for both traditional and real-time bidding.

A premium format for a premium product

The goal of CUPRA and PHD was to increase awareness surrounding the new CUPRA Leon model, a plug-in hybrid awarded 5 stars by Euro NCAP for its high level of safety and with a clear commitment to design and technology. Yahoo Brand Stories represented an elegant and highly visual brand experience  to highlight the vehicle’s premium and innovative spirit.

The campaign consisted of two stories, both in video format, which emphasised the CUPRA Leon’s high performance and some of its technological innovations in the automotive field, inviting the user to click on the current offer to purchase the car.

Engagement and performance

The functionality of the format, its meticulous design and its placement in a premium environment resulted in high levels of engagement, achieving the following results: the total average viewing time of the entire piece was 64 seconds and the average of each story was 22 seconds. Moreover, 34% of users who began the viewing saw the complete piece.

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